1. ways to go- grouplove
2. transatlanticism- death cab for cutie
3. trying to be cool- phoenix
4. inevitable- anberlin
5. gold on the ceiling- the black keys
6. out of my league- fitz and the tantrums
7. pork and beans- weezer
8. after the storm- mumford & sons
9. like steps in a dance- anchor & braille
10. speed the collapse- metric
11. afraid- the neighbourhood
12. dark horses- switchfoot
13. panic switch- silversun pickups
14. we own the sky- m83
15. simple song- the shins
16. do i wanna know?- arctic monkeys
17. lovesong- the cure
18. whirring- the joy formidable
19. ready to start- arcade fire
20. starlight- muse
21. so long, lonesome- explosions in the sky

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Hello, beautiful person! I'm Miranda, a 22-year-old nerd from Texas. This is a multifandom blog, with lots and lots of fandoms. I post what I want. ;) Please enjoy your visit, and don't be a stranger!

We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh? ‘Cause it was, you know. It was the best.” -the Doctor

Caro, you are truly missed.

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    Caro, we never really got to have a proper conversation but i knew you through the network, and you seemed like such and...
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